If you're looking for something to hang on your wall that isn't a rectangle, then this is the right place. My artwork brings a modern style to any room, tying it together by adding some color and flare where you want it. For about the cost of a mounted, framed print or painting you can get a truly unique, hand made piece.

Enjoy the light any of these eclectic pieces will bring to your space!

available for custom order, or in stock where noted


Brick Façade

Mirror pieces over a black background, designed to be mounted over a brick wall, or on its own.


Mosaic Fish

Mosaic fish made from either mirror pieces or Van Gogh glass with varying background colors. Sizes ranging from 12" to 28".



Made from either mirror or Van Gogh glass pieces with varying background colors. Sizes ranging from 10" to 24". 



Made from mirror mosaic pieces or layers of color. Sizes range from 10" to 32".