Paso Robles is home to Tobin James Cellars, a winery overflowing with great people, fun, and spectacular wines. For the past 15 years I have partnered with them to reproduce their distinctive logo sun in various forms. 

I make some of my Tobin James Art available for special order online, but to view a full range of pieces stop by the Tobin James tasting room in Paso Robles daily from 10-6 to take a look (and enjoy a complimentary wine tasting)! 

Tobin James Cellars • 8950 Union Rd. • Paso Robles CA


Order for delivery in 2-4 weeks

Mirror logo suns

These Logos range in size from 8" - 36"  (The shape is basically a square) and comes in any color.

The logo itself is made from hand cut mirror and has colored grout in the background. Choose a grout color from our color list or a custom color from

There is no additional charge for custom colors.

All of the prices listed include shipping within the USA

Van Gogh Logo Suns

These Logos range in size from 8" - 24" and come with metallic color grout .

The logo itself is made out of Van Gogh glass, the available colors are shown on our color list - choose one color or a combination of colors - then the grout can be metallic gold, silver or copper.

All of the prices listed include shipping within the USA

3d Logo Suns

These 3D suns have raised pieces for the spokes and spiral.  They range in size from 18" - 46".  This style logo is the same type that is embedded in the rock wall at the entrance to Tobin James - very durable and perfect for outdoor use.

 From our color list, choose.    -one solid color for all pieces, or

-2 colors - one for the spokes and spiral and one for background, or

-3 colors - one for the spokes, one for the spiral, and one for the background.

The prices listed include shipping within the USA


Mirror logo hearts

Two Styles, Modern or Traditional, both 11" across, with the actual logo cut from mirror,  surrounded by Van Gogh Glass mosaic pieces and metallic gold grout.  Choose any Van Gogh color from our color list.

All prices include shipping within the USA.


Available exclusively at tobin James Cellars Tasting room in Paso Robles, CA

Tobin James Hearts

Tobin James Coasters

Wall Mirrors

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