Q: Can the pieces be displayed outside?

A: The pieces with mirror can be, but not in the direct sun--I recommend a shady area for them. Mirrored pieces that get rained on will show water its unless wiped off immediately. The 3D pieces without mirror are made to be displayed outside and have an extra protection coating on them. In fact, those are the pieces that are embedded in the rock wall in the entrance sign at Tobin James Cellars


Q: How do I clean the mirrored pieces?

A: All surfaces can be cleaned with water or glass cleaner. I recommend that you use a soft, microfiber cloth. With a very wet cloth, wipe down the back, sides and front of the piece to remove dust. Rinse cloth, wring out dry then wipe again. With a dry cloth, polish mirror after a haze forms.


Q: Can I order a custom color?

A: Yes, I will match any color available from Sherwin Williams. You can send me the color name and number if you have one in mind, or you can go to www.sherwinwilliams.com and follow the link to their color visualizer to find one there.


Q:  Will my art piece be ready to hang up when I get it?

A:  All pieces except the fairy doors are shipped with wall hanging hardware installed.


Q:  Can I pick up my art piece instead of having it shipped?

A: No, at this time pickup is not available.


Q: How is my art piece shipped?

A:  Pieces that are 12” or smaller are shipped via USPS.   Larger pieces are shipped via UPS. All art pieces are carefully packed in sturdy foam pieces and double wall boxes.


Q:  What if my piece arrives damaged?

A:  This happens very rarely but does occur from time to time. If this is the case with your package, please save all the original packaging, take pictures of the damaged box and/or item, and contact me. I will file a claim with the shipper and have it picked up and either your account will be credited for the full amount or I will replace the damaged piece.


Q:  Can I return my art piece?

A: Yes, returns are accepted within 30 days of receipt. Please contact me to initiate the process.


Please contact me by email or in the form below if you still have any questions.