Susan Hoelting


Susan has been building Glass Attitudes for the last 20 years. She started off as a stained glass artist and then moved to making stained glass stepping stones in all shapes and sizes. She always wanted to make the stepping stones lighter and easier to transport, and after getting involved with cement overlay techniques found the way to do so. 

Using the colorant and polymers common to that trade she made and sold her first sculptures--some American flags which might still be floating around somewhere. Since then, her partnership with Tobin James Cellars and repertoire of sculptures has grown tremendously. She estimates that she has made thousands of pieces working full-time over the last 15 years. 

When not making sculptures Susan spends a lot of time renovating her house, going to the beach, and trying to understand her cats. 



Erin designed and built this site, and developed Glass Attitudes design assets. She also occasionally takes the lead on building large-scale art pieces and art direction.

Her most recent project has been to place an art installation at Burning Man, a community she has drawn a lot of artistic inspiration from over the years and was very excited to give back to.